Рассрочка от Приватбанка

In our online store you can buy all the goods on credit, by installments from Privat. Currently PrivatBank is one of the market leaders in retail lending.

By purchasing services from lending bank Privatbank, you get:

1. Time savings
2. Savings
3. Comfort
4. Safety

For Credit you need to invoice interet in our store over and document items on loan at any branch Privat, according to the following conditions:

     Maximum loan term - 12 months
     Down payment - 0%
     Monthly fee from 2.5 to 3.0% per month
     One time fee - 0 to 2.5%
     Insurance rate - from 0 to 1% per month
     Grace-period (not charged a monthly fee) - 3 months
     Age of clients - from 20 to 70 years;

Required documents: passport, VAT
Please note that, to execute documents on loan at any branch Privat throughout Ukraine, for this we will send an invoice to E-mail or fax.


24% + 0.5% per annum insurance
Simple conditions:

     Understandable banking products and services;
     Without income;
     Without make the initial payment;
     Strength entertaining from 21 to 71 years.
     Loan term - from 10 to 36 months;
     Amount of the loan - from 500 to 20 000 hryvnia;
     No hidden conditions.


     You have the opportunity to receive a loan for 20 minutes;
     Consumer lending manager will select the appropriate credit to your needs;
     As additional protection, we insure your life. You may want to insure the property during the term of the loan and purchase an extended warranty on the product, which will enter into force after the end of the main loan guarantee.

Why do I take a consumer loan is beneficial?

     No need to save enough money to make purchases;
     To select the most suitable for you loan term;
     Payment shall be made in equal monthly installments;
     Prompt decision on granting a loan;

How can I get a consumer loan?

Come to the point of lending Platinum Bank in your city. Consumer lending manager will tell you about our products and services. Bring your passport and ID. For loans you will need to fill out an application and sign a loan agreement.
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Customer Requirements:

     Passport identification code.
     Age limit: 21 to 69 years.


     The maximum loan amount from 300 to 25 000 UAH.
     Crediting period: from 3 to 36 months.
     Interest Rate: 0.01% per year.
     Grace period (not charged a monthly fee) - 3, 6, 9 months.
     Monthly fee: 1.5%
     Initial fee: 0% to 80% (optional).
     Early repayment of the loan: without any restrictions and additional costs.
     Loan processing time: 20 minutes.

If you have questions, please call the counselor OTP Bank: +380990536650