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Online store of furniture and household goods vashamebel.in.ua offers wide selection of different tables at surprisingly attractive prices. So if you need to buy lunch, writing, computer, coffee or serving table - all this you will find in our catalog.

dining tables

In this category, you can choose a beautiful dining table, which harmoniously fit into the interior of your dining room, living room or kitchen. Variety of colors and combinations, high quality materials, great design and a variety of dimensions will quickly and easily find a suitable dining table.
Category dining tables contains the following sections:

     Tables made of particleboard and MDF
     wooden tables
     glass tables

As you can see, here you can buy an inexpensive dining table made ​​of particleboard or MDF, chic wooden table for classic style interior or a stylish glass table, if your interior is decorated in a modern style.


Buy cheap chipboard desk for office or child's room and prestigious table of natural wood for office desks allow category of our directory. Here you will find the products of Ukrainian and European manufacturers such as Furniture Service, COMPASS, Gerbor, BRW, MM Bravo and Halmar.

The variety of colors, shapes and sizes, as well as a nice price products enable to choose the best desk for yourself, Children's desk for a child or cheap tables for employees.

Coffee tables

Buy a coffee table made ​​of wood or glass, you can also see in our online store. Variety of designs, styles, materials, shapes, colors and prices will allow pick up a nice coffee table for living room, bedroom, office or study. This catalog includes products such famous furniture factories as Signal, Halmar, Sokme, Domini, Furniture Service, AMF, Alex Furniture Matrolyuks, Metal and Wood and Green Line.

Coffee tables are made in the combination of wood and metal, glass and metal, wood and glass, in the form of folding designs, patterns 2 in 1-Transformers tables, magazine racks and so on.

Serving tables

If you need to buy a serving table, these products you will also find in our online store. Bunk serving tables on wheels with comfortable handles allow to serve breakfast in bed, trapeznichat while watching TV, snacking at work on the computer and, in general, provide more freedom and comfort during work and leisure.

Computer tables

Ergonomic and very comfortable computer desk you can buy from the online store of furniture and household goods vashamebel.in.ua. A huge variety of configurations, colors, sizes, equipment, and affordable price will allow to pick a good computer desk for home or office.

Our catalog features products companies in Ukraine and Europe, made of high-quality particleboard and MDF, made in a modular system and offers maximum comfort for work, study and leisure. Configuration of computer tables allow to place not only the laptop or computer, but also peripherals, books, textbooks, notes and stationery.