Rattan and wicker furniture

Rattan and wicker furniture

The use of natural, environmentally friendly materials has recently become a trend in the formation of interior decoration in apartments and country houses. Therefore, rattan and wicker furniture in Ukraine is in high demand, providing, in addition to unique aesthetics, high operating parameters. Wicker furniture is pleasing to the eye and striking in its beauty. It is able to give a highlight to the interior, to create a unique comfort, to introduce an element of exclusivity. Many luxury apartments of hotels and open areas of elite clubs are equipped with wicker furniture elements.

Rattan is one of the species of liana-shaped palm, having stems reaching up to 300 meters in length. They have a three-layer structure, covered with strong bark. After stripping and processing with hot steam, the stem becomes very flexible and is ideal for the production of wicker furniture. Manufacturing technologies are constantly being improved, offering the market amazing new items for decorating the interior in various styles. Both traditional and modern rattan products are practical in care, have an aesthetic appearance.

Rattan and wicker furniture in Ukraine

The natural material of the vine is obtained from willow rods, which also have high performance characteristics and are easy to weave. At the same time, the furniture is not only beautiful, aesthetically attractive and comfortable, but also durable to use. The flexibility of the material allows to embody many design ideas and thus create products for unusual and original residential interiors.

In addition to use in everyday life, wicker furniture is quite actively used in public interiors: outdoor cafeterias, restaurants, bars. Since the material is resistant to natural factors, products are installed in open spaces, in the garden, on the balcony, and so on. Online store "Your Furniture" offers to buy rattan and wicker furniture in Kharkov by self-pickup from a regional warehouse or with delivery to a specified address within the settlements of the country.

Our catalog contains high-quality products produced by such leading furniture factories as

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With a number of advantages, wicker furniture carries an element of elegance and delicate charm into the interior. Its high performance will allow the products to serve for many years, while maintaining an excellent appearance.

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Manufacturers offer the market as individual items, and sets of wicker furniture. Its rich range is presented in our online store. It offers customers loyal prices and convenient filter system for the given parameters. You can pick up the order by self from a warehouse in Kharkov or arrange it with delivery. We are sure that you will appreciate all the positive qualities of furniture made of wicker and rattan, creating an unusually cozy atmosphere both in rooms and in open spaces.

The use of wicker furniture is extensive due to many advantages. Manufacturers successfully apply the positive properties of rattan and vine using both traditional and modern techniques. Furniture with a minimum number of joints has high strength and is resistant to the effects of natural factors. Ideal smoothness and smoothness of bends allow it to be undemanding in leaving. All this makes wicker furniture in demand and relevant in modern interiors.