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Rattan and wicker

Wicker furniture made ​​of rattan and wicker can create a special interior and give a special warmth and comfort to any room. For those who want to buy wicker furniture, Shop "Your Furniture" will offer a variety of options from a comfortable rocking chairs to create eco interior in an apartment or a private country house, cafes, rest home, sanatorium, etc. Wicker furniture made of twigs and Rattan, which is sold in our store, made ​​known since the XIX century Chernihiv factory willow products. We presented the range and prices wickerwork allow us to offer the customer the most favorable conditions. Normal store wicker furniture simply can not compete us as to accommodate collections factories require extensive area, which naturally entails significant overhead and costs. With us you can buy: chairs, sofa, chaise, chair, desk, table, laundry basket, crib, stand for flowers, wall hallway, ottoman, stool, child's sled, bookcase, which are made of wicker and rattan. It is pointed out that, despite its ease of vine products withstand loads up to 200 kg. They are very durable and strong, so when you need to buy furniture, may consider the option of acquiring just that: clean, beautiful and practical furniture. Our shop delivers wicker furniture in Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kiev, Zaporozhye and other cities of Ukraine.