Chest of drawers


The immaculate fact that beautiful dressers for the bedroom are not only a practical and quite demanded element of the interior, but also decorate the room, bring their message to the peaceful atmosphere of this corner. The dressers which are included in the picked up furniture sets, developed by the producer in uniform style especially look ideally. Thus, it is easy to create a proper interior according to the design of its designer and identify the tastes of the inhabitants of an apartment or cottage.

Among the range of leading manufacturers of chest of drawers for things, linen takes one of the leading positions. This element is quite in demand in private interiors, it also finds application in exclusive commercial interiors. For the production of drawers used materials such as chipboard, natural wood and metal. From the material and from the design of the dresser prices for dressers mainly depend, the use of one or another type of accessories, design, brand name, functionality also contributes.

Beautiful dressers for the bedroom

We have two types of dressers: wooden and with a mirror. The catalog contains more than 630 models from 9 manufacturers in Ukraine and Europe. Such a rich choice will make it easy to choose the product you need to create the interior of a bedroom, hallway, guest room, as well as for hotel and other services that require convenient and practical furniture for storing things. Online store "Your Furniture" will allow you to buy a chest of drawers for the living room in Ukraine at a loyal price on the most favorable conditions.

The majority of products are subject to free delivery in Ukraine. If you need to buy a chest of drawers in Kharkov, you can use our service for city residents in assembling furniture on site at the customer. We support loyal and reasonably weighted prices for the entire product range. In the catalog there are both separate independent elements and those included in furniture sets. Thus you can easily create a harmonious combination of all the furniture in the apartment or house.

Buy a dresser for the living room in Ukraine

When choosing a chest of drawers for clothes, linen, it is important to pay attention to the manufacturing factory, which should have positive feedback and a good reputation. It is with such manufacturers that your furniture store cooperates. In particular, this category is represented by products of such manufacturers as

• BRW Poland
• Halmar
• Signal
• Woodsoft
• ART furniture
• Neomebley
• Olympus
• Estella

Thanks to a convenient system of sorting and filters, you can get prices for dressers in the range of interest. You can also make a selection by manufacturer and rating. Each product card contains high-quality photos of products, a detailed description, characteristics, including overall dimensions, material used, accessories and design features. Most products offer several variations on the color of the facade. Interesting for buyers will be attached to many models of video.

Undoubtedly, to buy a chest of drawers in Kharkov, using the unique capabilities of the online store “Your Furniture” - this means getting substantial savings in both money and time. A rich assortment, convenient selection system, detailed data, loyal prices - all this stimulates and disposes to purchase. Here you will find the latest innovations, as well as current and popular models of drawers.

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