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Chest of drawers

Possessing high aesthetic properties and providing exceptional practical functionality, chest of drawers showcases look impressive in a variety of rooms. They are placed in living rooms, offices, canteens, they are worthy of use at exhibitions, museums and where you need to beautifully and accurately place items for general consideration. They successfully complement the overall stylistic design of the selected room, harmoniously combined with interior items, allow you to place accents.

Our online store offers to purchase such an element of the interior as a chest of drawers showcase in Kharkov with the possibility of self-pickup from a warehouse or an order for delivery to an agreed address within the settlements of Ukraine. This catalog contains more than 70 production models of such leading domestic and European furniture factories as

• Blonski
• BRW Poland
• BRW Ukraine
• Gerbor
• Helvetia
• Furniture-Service
• Svit Mebliv

High quality products, loyal prices, a wide range, convenient search system - all this will allow you to significantly save time and money, creating a perfectly harmonious and cozy atmosphere.

To buy a dresser a show-window in Ukraine

For many stylistic areas of interior design dressers showcases are a mandatory attribute. On the shelves, closed doors with glass transparent elements, have antiques, porcelain, collections, souvenirs, decor elements. Representing a fully or partially glazed construction, they ideally complement the overall stylistic picture of the room. By combining a chest of drawers with other types of furniture, you can create an indescribably beautiful setting.

The catalog presents an extensive range of dressers showcases, which will allow you to choose one or more products for each of the rooms. Here you will find products of various configurations, performed in the same or different stylistics. Manufacturers offer buyers a lot of interesting options. Modern products show spectacular outlines, luxurious decorative elements and unusual colors. Available in the form of straight and angular structures of various shapes and dimensions.

Dresser show-window in Kharkiv

In the manufacture of dressers showcases using traditional furniture materials: natural wood, chipboard, MDF, glass and plastic. Products made of solid wood are valued for durability, chic appearance, they serve for decades and are easily amenable to restoration. Chipboard and MDF materials provide a modern alternative to natural wood furniture, offering good performance and aesthetic characteristics. Proper care of such furniture can significantly increase the time of its use.

With us you can not only buy a chest of drawers in Ukraine, but also purchase other necessary furniture for private or commercial interiors. A wide range of products from more than 80 leading manufacturers in Europe and Ukraine, affordable prices, fast delivery and many other advantages will fully equip an apartment, a private house, office, cafe or hotel. Many products are covered by the action for free delivery, which further reduces the final cost of selected products.