Sliding wardrobe

Sliding wardrobe

Such an element of furniture as a wardrobe has long won its place of honor in the interiors of modern apartments. It allows not only to accurately place a lot of things, but also successfully completes the overall stylistic picture of the interior. Given the capabilities of this type of furniture, its design features, as well as the ability to replace a number of typical elements, the price of a ready-made wardrobe is more than acceptable and affordable.

Sliding wardrobes in the form of separate or built-in are carried out. As a rule, they occupy all the space - from the floor to the ceiling, and have several sections located behind the sliding doors. Our online store offers to buy a closet in Kharkov at a loyal price with fast and accurate delivery. The catalog presents the following types of these products:

• For anteroom
• For bedroom
• With photo printing
• With mirror

The essential difference between manufactured at a furniture factory and ready for installation of cabinets in their impeccable quality, brought to a thoroughly established process. This allows you to get a really lower cost of the product in comparison with the custom-made in small furniture workshops. Therefore, buying a ready-made wardrobe compartment will be the right decision, given the large range of sizes and the variety of configurations offered by the manufacturer.

To buy a sliding wardrobe in Ukraine cheap

The capabilities of wardrobes go far beyond the storage of things, bed linen and much more. Proper selection and placement of such furniture will visually increase the size of the room, make it lighter, “raise” low ceilings. All this made them very popular in modern interiors of apartments of any planning. In production, industrial materials are used to purchase materials purchased in large quantities, so the price for a ready-made wardrobe is much lower than made to order.

Online store "Your Furniture" offers high-quality furniture and, in particular, wardrobes of such famous furniture factories in Ukraine and Europe as

• Blonski
• Forte
• Halmar
• Luxe Studio
• Svit Mebliv

Using a convenient filter system, you can easily find the dimensions you need, the number of doors, material. Each product card contains a photo, description, specifications. Most products allow you to individually choose a complete set, which allows you to determine the configuration, color, door material, overall size and other parameters. With such extensive options for selecting parameters, it will be easier to buy a ready-made wardrobe than to make it to order.

To buy a sliding wardrobe in Kharkov

In the manufacture of wardrobes in an industrial way are used not only high-quality materials for the manufacture of doors and enclosures, but also reliable sliding systems. The warranty provided by the manufacturer implies that all the mechanical elements of the systems will perfectly fulfill their functions. For the most part, it depends on the quality of the sliding systems how long and properly this furniture will perform its functions.

We invite you to buy a closet in Ukraine cheap, using the unique features of our online store. You get the lowest possible price for high-quality factory-made products for which the official warranty is provided. Delivery is made quickly and accurately within the settlements of Ukraine. On many models the action on free shipping extends. If necessary for residents of Kharkov, we can assemble the product directly at the place of its installation.