An interior element such as a folding screen that provides an additional element of comfort will allow zoning the space of the room, to get a separate corner for various purposes. Its use has a long history and got its start in Japan. It was in this country that the partitions began to be used as furniture as well as a work of art. No less popular is the use of screens in modern interiors, where they have not lost their relevance.

A variety of designs and appearance allows to apply this type of partitions to any stylistic directions of the interior. The most frequently demanded is a dressing table, installed in the bedroom, which is especially important for small one-room apartments with a lack of free space and places for privacy. Also, these partitions are used to divide the room into independent zones. It is successfully possible to use screens as an element of a decor. Among the main types of emit:

• Swing
• Rolled
• Screen

The most popular type in the residential interiors is a folding folding folding type screen. Products can be with a soft and hard interior, as well as retractable.

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Traditional furniture materials such as plastic, wood, metal are used as frames. The inner part is made of various types of fabrics, leather, parchment, glass, rattan, mirrors. The product can be made mobile with the ability to store it folded. Another option is a stationary installation with a solid mount on the rails. If you need a screen for changing clothes, you can pick up a mobile or landline option that is relevant in a home with children.

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