Cushioned furniture

Chosen leisurely and deliberately modern upholstered furniture in the living room will create an ideal comfortable and pleasant environment in this central room, where the whole family gathers, receive guests and most often spend their free time. Currently, there are many varieties of comfortable furniture, the most common of which are such as
• Corner sofas
• Sofas
• Soft chairs
Frameless furniture
• Puffs
Each of the main types of such furniture has its own design features, and by location in the room. Sofas produced in the form of straight and angular. They are placed in front of the TV for easy viewing. One of the types of sofas - sofa bed has a transformation mechanism that provides a comfortable sleeping place and allows you to save room space when folding. Armchairs are a comfortable single-seat design and often come complete with a sofa.
Our online store invites you to buy upholstered furniture in Kharkov with the possibility of its self-delivery from a regional warehouse, as well as with the order of delivery within the settlements of Ukraine. Residents of Kharkov can order the assembly of furniture on site. Thanks to direct deliveries from manufacturers, our prices for upholstered furniture are more than acceptable and democratic. It offers customers impeccable service and quality service, including the ability to buy promotional models with free shipping.

Upholstered furniture in Ukraine

If you need modern upholstered furniture in the living room, we invite you to take advantage of the unique features of our online store and to equip the central room of your home in the best way. In addition to such types of furniture as sofas and armchairs, we offer to pay attention to the ottomans and frameless furniture. Padded stools are soft stools that have a storage compartment in most models, located under the seat. Frameless furniture is also popular in modern interiors.
You can not only buy upholstered furniture in the “Your Furniture” online store, but also fully equip private or commercial interiors with all the necessary furniture. Visit other sections of our catalog and create the perfect atmosphere of comfort in an apartment, house or office. You will be able to make sure that the prices for upholstered furniture are significantly lower than in ordinary showrooms, since by buying through the Internet you save your time and money. For convenience of choice, the section of upholstered furniture has thematic subsections.

Buy furniture in Kharkov

Obviously, upholstered furniture in Ukraine is represented by an assortment of many furniture factories, since it occupies one of the leading positions in the sales of this market segment. Substantial competition encourages manufacturers to offer customers interesting solutions and at the same time maintain an acceptable price level. We work with leading furniture factories in Ukraine and Europe, selling high-quality products that enjoy high demand:
• Blonski
• Divandi
• Sofyno
• Bereginya
• Furniture-Service
• The world of comfortable furniture
• NT-furniture and other
We offer our customers a convenient system of filters, sorting and sampling. You can set the mapping by manufacturer, type of filler, folding mechanism, bed width and other required parameters. The category "Catalog of fabrics" supplements the section. Thus, if the manufacturing process of the manufacturer of upholstered furniture allows, you can order individual upholstery of the sofa, armchair, sofa, ottoman, canape, ottoman, ottoman and other types of it.
We invite you to buy upholstered furniture in the online store "Your Furniture", having received significant benefits from the purchase. You can also be the first to know about our promotions, updates and discounts by subscribing to our Facebook page.