​Soft chairs

Soft chairs

Comfortable upholstered chairs are great for living in private interiors or sitting areas in public places. They are the key to comfort and coziness, providing a perfect home environment and a presentable look to the interior. Regardless of what functional load is required from this element, the chair should be comfortable and well made. Choosing soft armchairs for a living room or another room, it is important to understand the nuances so that the purchase of this type of furniture is successful.

If you are looking for a comfortable lounge chair, pay attention to the types of upholstery materials, possible designs of models, fillers, as well as other components that form a coherent set of aggregate characteristics. In particular, the most common types of upholstery are:

• Jacquard
• Tapestry
• Flock
• Velor
• Microfiber
• Leather (natural or artificial)
• Eco-leather

Each of the materials has a set of inherent properties that affect the performance of the product and its cost. They provide a distinctive appearance, have a certain texture and features of care. So if the chair is made using velor, velvet, leather, jacquard or tapestry upholstery, they are able to give the interior a presentable look, decorate a living room or a solid office. More versatile and easy to care are models with microfiber upholstery and flock.

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The filler, providing a comfortable chair for rest and relaxation, is made of padding polyester or foam rubber. Among the design features distinguish the presence of a headrest, armrests, folding mechanism. Headrests allow you to relax your neck muscles. Armrests are soft or hard. The second option is made of wood, which carries not only a convenient functionality, but also aesthetic decorative properties. Thanks to the folding mechanism, soft chairs turn into couches.

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