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Frameless furniture

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Frameless furniture

Among the many varieties of upholstered furniture, frameless is reasonably in high demand from buyers. Representing an alternative to traditional chairs, frameless upholstered furniture has a number of characteristic qualities. The absence of a rigid base allows such upholstered furniture to perfectly adapt to the human body and its constitutional features of the figure. It is especially popular with young people, due to the more affordable cost and the possibility of a simple arrangement of the room.

Frameless upholstered furniture is installed in both private and commercial interiors, for example, offices, halls, where it provides a more relaxed and relaxed atmosphere for communication. In children, frameless beds are popular, in which they enjoy frolicking without consequences for furniture. Thanks to the memory effect, the pouf, chair or sofa easily restores its original state. We can say that frameless furniture is an ideal solution for arranging teenage and children's rooms.

Buy frameless furniture in Ukraine

The components of soft frameless furniture are two main parts - a removable cover and a container for storing filler. The cover is easy to remove and clean. The filler can be polystyrene granules, as well as synthetic winterizer and holofiber. The stiffness parameters of the chair or another product depend on the density and size of the polystyrene foam granules. Mixed content can also be used, in particular, of the padding polyester and holofiber for cots and loungers.

Of the most popular types of upholstered furniture, there are bean bags that can have intricate forms of their performance. For those who love relaxation, they will become the most favorite place in the room. Among the advantages that frameless upholstered furniture has to offer are the following:

• Practical to use
• Long operational resource
• Moisture resistant
• Injury safety

If you need frameless furniture in Kharkov, we suggest using the unique features of our online store. Thanks to direct deliveries of furniture from manufacturers, we support the lowest possible prices for the entire range of products. Ordering from us, you get the best price offer, save time and money. Some models in the catalog are covered by the action for free delivery, which significantly affects the final cost of the product.

​Frameless furniture in Kharkov

We can buy frameless furniture in Ukraine with delivery or pickup from a regional warehouse in Kharkov. The catalog presents high-quality products from well-known manufacturers - Matrolux and CUBBY. A good choice of children's frameless beds, as well as the popular types of this furniture in various configurations and colors. For almost every room you can pick up a soft model. So, a padded stool for a hall, a soft corner for kitchen, an armchair for a drawing room, a bed in the nursery.

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