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The invariable attributes of the guest interior - modern soft sofas have a comfortable design and provide many positive qualities. They are able to save space in small rooms, zone a room, be used as a bed, have a long service life, and may contain additional storage space. By purchasing a sofa for the living room or another room, you get a great solution for arranging a comfortable rest and convenient accommodation for your family or guests.

Substantial competition in this segment of the furniture market has allowed us to get a wide range of sofas from manufacturers, and at the same time the price for a sofa in Ukraine is within a fairly acceptable framework. The high popularity of this type of product stimulates the leading furniture factories to offer beautiful sofas for different styles of interiors. The possibilities of modern technologies allow us to individually select the color of the upholstery of models for the perfect combination with the chosen style of the room.

Modern sofas in Kharkov

Our online store invites you to buy a sofa in Kharkov at loyal prices by both self-pickup from a regional warehouse, and with the possibility of delivery to any address within Ukraine. Thanks to direct deliveries from manufacturers, we provide the lowest possible prices for the entire product range. Many models are covered by the action for free delivery, which significantly reduces the final cost of products. Ordering sofas and other furniture from us, you save your time and money.

At present, the sofa for the living room can have one of the following most popular types of transformations:

• book
• Click Klyak
• Accordion
• Eurobook
• Dolphin
• vykatnaya
• Puma
• Pantograph

Due to this, soft sofas perform the function of not only providing comfortable seating for leisure activities, but also successfully replace the bed. Knowing the features of the types of transformation, you can easily determine the choice of the best model. The product card contains both a sofa photo and a detailed description of the characteristics, including overall dimensions and color options for the upholstery material. Models are presented in various styles for various rooms of private and commercial interiors.

Buy a sofa in Kharkov

We realize modern sofas in Kharkiv, providing their fast and accurate delivery. We are sure that having considered the offers of our catalog, you will be able to choose exactly the model you have been looking for. The basics of products are made of high-quality furniture materials, the components are connected with the help of special hinge elements of modern design. Models are easily transformed into a bed and back, while not requiring much effort.

The introduction of advanced technologies allowed us to obtain high-quality multifunctional products that can provide the highest level of comfort when used in the designated room. As you know, folding sofa beds are practical products for daily use, and you need to pay attention not only to the folding mechanism, but also to the upholstery. The most common types of fabrics, which are upholstered beautiful sofas, are the following:

• Jacquard
• Chenille
• Tapestry
• Flock

The filler can be a polyurethane material, a spring base or a combined structure. In more detail about all characteristics you can read in the description of the model chosen by you. We, in turn, invite you to visit our catalog and you will see that the price of a sofa in Ukraine in the “Your Furniture” online store is more than acceptable with the high quality of the products sold.