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Sofa click klak

Sofa click klak

Equally important in creating a cozy and comfortable home furnishings are playing upholstered furniture. At the same time, among the variety of soft sofas produced by manufacturers, there are models with a click-klyak mechanism. These sofas are harmoniously combined with the decor of the selected room, successfully complementing its interior. It is advantageous to purchase a sofa click clique in Kharkov with delivery in Ukraine or by self from the warehouse you can use the unique features of our online store.
The name of this type of sofa comes from the characteristic click inherent in the mechanism installed in them. The structure unfolds and folds in just one movement. The mechanism itself is an improvement of the very popular classical unfolding “book”, known to many since the Soviet era. The click-klyak mechanism, firmly fastened with bolted joints or screws on a metal frame, is easy to use and reliable in operation.

Clicks with the mechanism of clicks

This type of upholstered furniture has received wide popularity due to significant advantages, among which the following should be highlighted:
• Robust construction
• Compact folded size
The convenience of use
• Functionality
• Durable operation
• Variety of models
At the same time, the price of a sofa click clique in Ukraine due to substantial competition in the furniture market is within reasonably acceptable limits and is available to most buyers. The popularity of models with this kind of transformation mechanism inspires talented designers to create interesting solutions, many of which are presented in our catalog.
The indisputable advantage of sofas with a click-klyk mechanism is the ease of transformation, both when unfolding and folding. It does not require significant effort. The very principle of unfolding is as follows. First, raise the lower part of the sofa and is in an inclined position to the clicking click. Behind the lower part the back is tightened, providing a perfectly even sleeping bed.

Sofa click klyak in Kharkov

Online store "Your Furniture" offers sofas with a click-cam mechanism in a wide range. Our catalog contains several different configurations and designs. You can easily choose the best option for your interior and get a beautiful and practical product that will last for many years. The functionality of the sofa provides the ability to place on it a few people. Models are ideal for private and commercial interiors. In a form are issued both direct, and angular.
Straight lines can be wide or narrow, elongated or shortened. They are distinguished by their laconic designs and elementary interior equipment. Install direct sofas in living rooms, bedrooms, children's, work areas. Corner are made modular, consisting of several blocks that can simultaneously be used as chairs or ottomans. They are able to create a cozy atmosphere for socializing with friends, can be placed in the living room, and in the spacious kitchen, providing an extra bed.