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​Folding sofa

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Folding sofa

Folding sofa is an important attribute of any apartment. This piece of furniture is valued for the ability to easily and quickly turn into a large and comfortable bed from a compact seat. One of the most popular types of transformation has a sofa with an accordion mechanism, the moving base of which consists of three canvases. It is quite easy to fold. To do this, simply pull the lower part of the seat, thus turning it into a comfortable bed.

Choosing this design, the buyer wants to clearly understand its main advantages and features. To do this, you just do not need to study the photo accordion sofas, but also consider all their advantages and disadvantages. The principle of transformation, as the name implies, is borrowed from a classical musical instrument. The layout of the movable canvases is similar to the layout of the furs of the accordion. This mechanism allows you to get a fairly spacious bed and at the same time folded to occupy a minimum of space.

Buy a sofa with an accordion system in Ukraine

Online store "Your Furniture" offers to buy a sofa accordion in Kharkov at reasonable prices with the possibility of both self-pickup from a regional warehouse, and delivery to an agreed address. Delivery is made quickly and accurately to any location in Ukraine. Thanks to the direct supply of furniture from manufacturers, we can provide low prices for the entire range of products offered. This catalog contains more than 40 models from such leading manufacturers of Ukraine and Europe, as

• Continent M-Style
• Novelty
• Sofyno
• NT-furniture

Thanks to a convenient system of filters, sorting and sampling, you can easily select a model according to the parameters you are interested in. You can set the display of products sofa with accordion mechanism for one or several manufacturers, choose the type of box for linen and the width of the bed. Most models allow you to choose the material and color of upholstery fabric, as well as the type of print, if it is provided by the design. We invite you to consider a photo of accordion sofas in our catalog and choose your favorite model.

To buy a sofa an accordion in Kharkov

Among the advantages that this transformation mechanism possesses, the following should be highlighted:

• Simplicity and ease of operation
• Robust design
• Compact when folded
• Can be placed near the wall.
• Large selection of models
• Rational use of space
• Availability of removable covers and drawers for linen

When choosing a sofa bed with an accordion mechanism, you need to decide on the place of its installation and take into account that there should be no obstructive items for unfolding. Access to the bed should also be convenient when unfolded. Regular operation requires a reliable and durable mechanism. Such models are presented in our catalog. The frame is made of durable furniture materials: wood or metal. The presence of metal frames allows you to disassemble the structure when moving.

The role of soft elements in the sofas is performed by spring or polyurethane foam fillers, which means that there is no need to purchase an additional mattress. Upholstery is made of special furniture fabrics that are easy to clean. Many models are equipped with removable covers. If you have pets, pay attention to models with upholstery made from such especially durable fabrics as flock, microfiber, scotchgard or micro-Velor.

With us you can not only buy a sofa with an accordion system in Ukraine, but also fully equip private or commercial interiors with necessary furniture. A wide choice of assortment, offers from more than 80 Ukrainian and European manufacturers, low prices, accurate and fast delivery - these are just some of the advantages that our customers receive.