Pull out sofa

Pull out sofa

Despite the fact that in recent times complex high-tech mechanisms for folding sofas have appeared, traditional “book” mechanisms that have been popular for several decades are still in demand among buyers. Adherence to this classic unfolding mechanism is due to its maximum simplicity and reliability. Such sofas were produced by furniture factories in Soviet times and therefore are familiar to everyone since childhood.

Online store "Your Furniture" invites you to buy a Pull out sofa in Kharkov with the possibility of self-pickup from a warehouse or delivery to an agreed address within the settlements of Ukraine. On many products the action on free shipping extends. Our catalog contains offers from such leading domestic and European manufacturers as

• Continent M-Style
• Novelty
• Bereginya
• Furniture-Service
• NT-furniture

Products differ in reasonable price and are capable to provide the due level of comfort for a dream and rest. They will complement the decor of the selected room with a comfortable sleeping place and an element for relaxing, chatting and watching videos with the whole family. Modern sofas book have high reliability of use, are convenient and easy to use. They can be installed both in the living room and in the teenage room, because even a teenager will cope with the unfolding function.

Buy a pull out sofa in Ukraine

Such sofas were very popular during the Soviet era and models that were still produced regularly still serve today. Deployed products are very simple. To do this, click to raise the seat, and then lower it. Folding is performed by performing these actions in reverse order. An additional advantage is the presence of a spacious storage box. In our catalog you will find models with or without armrests, as well as complemented by soft pillows.

Choosing a book for sofas, you get an affordable product quality product that reliably performs its functions. If earlier this furniture was notable for its uncomplicated forms, now, thanks to the popularity and demand of the models on the market, ideal conditions for design fantasy have been created. This favorably affected the appearance and functionality. By visiting our catalog, you can see how modern sofas look great with this popular folding mechanism.

Buy a pull out sofa in Kharkov

We can confidently say that this is the most common type of upholstered furniture for the home. Implying upholstered furniture, we are, first of all, talking about the sofa. And speaking of sofas, we mean the traditional folding mechanism book - the most common among the sofa furniture in use. What contribute to the characteristics and properties of such products. Buying sofas with this classic mechanism, you can be sure of its flawless and reliable operation for many years.

With us you can not only buy a Pull out sofa in Ukraine with fast and accurate delivery. Visiting other sections of the site, you will select furniture for all rooms of private or commercial interiors, where modern, beautiful, reliable and at the same time affordable furniture is required. Thanks to direct deliveries from manufacturers, we are able to maintain the lowest possible prices for the entire product range.

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