Such a universal element of furniture, like an ottoman in the hall, revives the room, making its interior unique and unique. It creates an adequate level of comfort when changing shoes and successfully accentuates the surroundings. Graceful soft padded stools differ in the small sizes and provide good functionality. This piece of furniture has a history of more than one century. It was originally installed in the palace halls. Miniature banquettes were used for relaxing after the dance.

At present, the use of soft ottomans is quite extensive. They are installed in both private and commercial interiors. Turn out bedside products for a bedroom, and also a padded stool in a corridor, for a nursery, a drawing room and other rooms. Often they are replaced by bulky chairs and armchairs. We can say that this is one of the most necessary elements for furniture, distinguished by its practicality and ease of use.

Using the unique capabilities of our online store, you can profitably buy an ottoman in the bedroom in Kharkov, both with the possibility of self-delivery, and with the order of delivery in Ukraine.

To buy an ottoman in Ukraine

Each pouf for the selected room has its own characteristics. So, the ottoman in a hall has the form of an identical geometrical figure. It is made in the form of a square or cylindrical place and is placed on small legs or wheels. Also the ottoman in the corridor often provides space for storage of things in the form of a convenient spacious drawer. In turn, the bedside ottoman may have an elongated geometric shape. Models for children's rooms are made in the form of funny animals with colorful prints.

The choice of upholstery fabric depends on the type of room used. For the hallway, the puffs have a wear-resistant, easily cleaned coating, since they are the most intensively affected by contamination from outer clothing. Most often in these models used leatherette. For the living room, soft poufs can be a good alternative to chairs when additional seating is required. You can buy various types of this furniture from us, including a bedside ottoman in Kharkov, at the best prices.

Buy ottoman in the bedroom in Kharkov

Choosing a pouf in any of the rooms, they are guided not only by the aesthetic and practical components of its use, but also by the chosen interior style. It influences the design of the pouf, materials and fabric used in the manufacture of the product. So in classic style, we recommend to consider models with upholstery made of genuine or artificial leather, tapestry or jacquard. Minimalism involves the use of modern elastic materials. Baroque - upholstered velvet and velor.

Regardless, whether you choose a bedside ottoman or a model for a living room, hallway, nursery, with us you will find the best solution for decorating the interior, each room. We invite you to visit our catalog and choose a bedside ottoman in Kharkov with delivery to the address you specify. There are more than 30 models from such well-known Ukrainian and European manufacturers as

• Halmar
• Signal
• Sofyno
• Woodsoft
• Matrolux and others

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