Shelves and racks

Shelves and racks

Despite the emergence of alternative electronic literature, shelves and shelves for books remain in demand and popular. Accurate and beautiful placement of prints in the interior setting is a pressing issue for book lovers and owners of exclusive publications. In addition to placing books, shelves and racks have a universal application. They store memorable items, cute little things, photos and more. Great importance is attached to them in small apartments, where they allow you to save space.

These items of furniture are made suspended and floor of a wide range of materials. It can be wood, wood-based panels, plastic, glass, metal, and their combinations. Many acquire several products for the preparation of compositions of shelves and racks. Installed in any of the rooms, everywhere they find application. Depending on the purpose and installation location, features are selected. So, in the bathroom are suitable moisture-proof materials, and for massive objects appropriate design.

Buy a shelf rack in Ukraine

Online store "Your Furniture" offers to purchase such types of furniture as a shelf rack in Kharkov with the possibility of self-delivery from a warehouse or with delivery in Ukraine. We have an extensive selection of more than 430 products of these categories of production of such leading domestic and European furniture factories as

• Blonski
• BRW Poland
• BRW Ukraine
• Forte
• Gerbor
• Furniture-Service and others

Thanks to the direct supply of furniture and related materials from manufacturers, we are able to provide the lowest possible prices for the entire product range. Placing orders with us, you get high quality products, save time and money.

This catalog contains shelves and racks for the hallway, living room, nursery, bathroom, kitchen and other rooms, as well as for installation in offices and any institutions and establishments where it is necessary to ensure accurate storage of items. The range is represented by the following types of products:

• Shelves open
• Closed shelves
• Shelving open
• Storage systems

Each type has its own characteristics of use and offers the perfect solution for different types of interiors. We offer our customers a convenient system of filters, sorting and sampling. We are sure that you will be able to choose the best option and create a cozy atmosphere in the chosen room with a beautiful placement of objects, the creation of an excellent style, as well as the placement of accents.

​Shelf rack in Kharkov

Buying shelves and shelves for books, you can carefully arrange your favorite literature, making an element of aesthetics in the interior decor. It is recommended to make a detailed sketch, make measurements of installation sites. It is necessary to take into account the weight and size of the books to be placed, so that they not only are placed on the racks and shelves, but the furniture itself is able to withstand the weight of the planned load. The selected elements should be in harmony with the interior styling and harmoniously combined with the environment.

We offer to buy a shelf, rack in Ukraine, using the unique features of our online store. Many of the products in this group are covered by the free shipping promotion, which allows reducing the total cost of the selected product. Kharkov residents we can offer to order the service of assembling furniture on site. So you can solve many problems of arrangement, while spending the minimum amount of money and time.

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