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The “book” folding mechanism of sofas familiar to everyone since childhood is rightly considered one of the simplest and most convenient. He remained the leader for a long time from all the existing analogues, until another mechanism came to replace him - the “Eurobook”. Such sofas are especially popular for installation in typical apartments, in particular, Khrushchev or Brezhnev. The basis of the design consists of two blocks. The first block is made retractable or vykatny, the second is the back of the sofa, falling when unfolding.

The very process of folding the sofa eurobook is very simple. The seat rises until it stops, at which a click is heard and the front block extends, the back, in turn, is lowered. The advantages that sofas have with a similar folding mechanism:

• Reasonable price of products
• Large product range offered by manufacturers
• Easy unfolding.
• Reliable design for daily use
• Convenient use
• Find for small rooms
• Completed with storage box

In the unfolded form, the “Eurobook” sofas occupy much less space than the “books” and “accordions”. This mechanism due to the simplicity of the design is quite affordable and reliable. Such sofas are popular in both private and commercial interiors. Available sofas with mechanisms of high wear resistance, with protection against distortions when moving the sliding block. Models are installed in living rooms, nurseries, bedrooms, in the kitchen to provide extra bed.

Sofa in Ukraine

Our online store offers to buy a Eurobook sofa in Kharkov, both with the possibility of self-delivery from a regional warehouse, and with delivery to any locality of Ukraine. The catalog contains more than 140 models from such well-known domestic and European manufacturers, as

• Blonski
• Divandi
• Sofyno
• Bereginya
• Furniture-Service
• The world of comfortable furniture
• NT-furniture and other

Cards of goods contain a photo of the sofa of the eurobook, a detailed description, characteristics, options for upholstery fabrics. A convenient system of filters will allow you to display products from one or several manufacturers, to make a selection according to the width of the bed, type of filler, the Eurobook or pantograph layout mechanism. The catalog contains sofas with additional soft cushions and comfortable armrests. On many models the action on free shipping extends.

To buy a sofa in Kharkov

If you decide to purchase a eurobook sofa in Ukraine, we invite you to consider the offers of our catalog. Here you will find exactly what you were looking for. The simplicity and conciseness of the forms will allow you to perfectly match the selected product with the current interior styles. The sofas are made by leading furniture factories, and this guarantees an ideal design, with a flat surface of the seat, the back, perfect for sleeping and relaxing. If necessary, you can supplement the purchase with an orthopedic mattress.

Carefully study the offers of our catalog, look at the photo of the sofa of the eurobook folded and unfolded, check the overall dimensions with the installation location, ask our consultants your questions. A large model range, affordable prices, fast delivery - all this will allow you to get the perfect solution for arranging the room. As a result, you get a beautiful product that can perform the intended functions for a long time and significantly save living space indoors.