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Sliding wardrobe with a mirror

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Sliding wardrobe with a mirror

The mirror facade of wardrobes for many years remains the most popular. Large mirror paintings visually increase the size of the room, creating the illusion of a spacious room. In addition, the room where the wardrobe mirror is installed, becomes lighter. In comparison with traditional types of furniture, this modern look has many positive qualities, has a large capacity and makes the most efficient use of the space of the room.

Mirror facades are performed in different combinations, so you can choose the best option for the selected room. Online store "Your Furniture" offers to buy a wardrobe with a mirror in Kharkov with the possibility of installation on site at the customer. Delivery is made quickly and accurately within the settlements of Ukraine. Our range of mirrored wardrobes contains an extensive selection of products from such well-known European and Ukrainian manufacturers as

• Blonski
• Luxe Studio
• Svit Mebliv

Ready-made mirror cabinets coupe factory production have many advantages over custom made. A streamlined process, the wholesale purchase of materials, the passage of several stages of verification, the official guarantee - all this allows you to get a high-quality product. Thanks to an extensive selection of variations in overall dimensions, color solutions, internal configurations, you can easily choose a mirrored wardrobe that fits perfectly into the interior of your room.

The price of a sliding wardrobe with a mirror in Ukraine

Combining the functionality of several traditional types of furniture, a wardrobe with a mirror facade has several advantages. The mirror itself is a real interior decoration. Built-in shelves, compartments, drawers allow much to place. The room becomes more spacious, more aesthetic and more comfortable. Reliable moving mechanisms guarantee flawless operation over many years of service. Such furniture is easier to protect from opening by children without compromising the aesthetic appearance of the room.

Industrial-made wardrobes with a mirrored facade greatly benefit in price compared with purchasing several types of traditional furniture, which they excellently replace. We can say that the sliding wardrobe mirror is a unique in its operational parameters furniture, performing many functions of standard types of furniture and offering to get a modern look of the room at a low cost.

To buy a sliding wardrobe with a mirror in Kharkov

Our online store offers you over 40 models of mirror wardrobes, each of which has many variations of choice. In particular, you can choose the door material and the appearance of the product from the following options:

• Mirror
• Chipboard / Mirror
• Combined facade (chipboard + mirror)
• Mirror with sandblasting
• Tinted mirror
• Tinted mirror with sandblasting

The number of doors can be from two to four, and the wardrobe with a mirror can be either straight or angular. For each model there are up to 32 variants in overall dimensions of length and depth, as well as up to 4 choices in height. In addition, you can choose the appropriate color scheme according to the attached palette, additional equipment, configuration of internal equipment and more.

We note that the price of a sliding wardrobe with a mirror in Ukraine when it is ordered in our online store is the lowest possible. Direct deliveries from manufacturers allow us to set low prices for the entire range of products. Since the majority of models are subject to free delivery, the final cost of the product will be more than competitive.