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Wicker Furniture

Wicker Furniture

Made of natural, environmentally friendly material, garden furniture made of wicker is able to diversify the interior, make it more comfortable, bring aesthetics and charm. Raw materials for the manufacture of this furniture are rods of willow or walnut. Since the products are made according to the old techniques of weaving by hand, each of them is exclusive, possessing at the same time high strength and durability.

With the help of wicker furniture decorated living rooms, kitchens, balconies, verandas, as well as other rooms in which you want to create a unique and cozy atmosphere. The online store “Your Furniture” sells furniture from a rod in Kharkov both from a regional warehouse and with the possibility of ordering delivery to any town in Ukraine. A wide selection is presented in our catalog:

• Tables
• Armchair
• rocking chair
• Sofas

We are sure that you will be able to choose the best solution for arranging the interior of the selected room. A variety of styles, colors, loyal prices - all this will bring to the room an element of originality and rustic charm. The product card has a high-quality photo, a detailed description and characteristics. If you adhere to proper operation, the life of wicker furniture is more than 25 years.

Buy wicker furniture from the rod in Ukraine

Modern technological solutions provide buyers with elements of wicker furniture with the most smooth contours, with the most practical. Currently, breeders have deduced special varieties with enhanced flexibility of vines and high aesthetic properties. There is a wicker furniture frame and frameless wicker. In frameless products, strong rods serve as stiffeners, which is great for small items.

Frame technology involves the use of metal reinforcing elements. Such garden furniture from a rod is intended for big loadings. When using natural shades, the vine acquires a light beige color, which can be tinted with stain. The combination of environmentally friendly components, the pleasant color of natural wood is reflected in the trend towards furnishing interiors and high customer demand for wickerwork.

Furniture from a rod in Kharkov

Possessing a number of indisputable advantages, wicker wicker furniture is in good demand. In our online store are the products of the production of Chernihiv factory of vine products and enterprise Halmar. Direct deliveries from manufacturers allow us to maintain loyal prices and offer high quality products at the most favorable conditions. You get high-quality wicker furniture that has a light woody scent that will not emit toxic fumes and accumulate dust.

With us you can not only buy wicker furniture from a rod in Ukraine, but also fully equip the interiors with beautiful products from the leading Ukrainian and European furniture factories. We work with more than 80 manufacturers, providing loyal prices for the entire range of products. Promotions are regularly held, significantly reducing the total cost of the order. Kharkov residents we can offer the service of assembling furniture directly at the installation site.