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Dinner table

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Selection table for the living room.
Living room - this is the festive room in the house, here gathered together all the family members, guests are greeted and spend holidays. One of the main attributes of each living room is undoubtedly the table. It is the choice of table problems are common, what shape, what material, what color should be the table. First of all, choosing a table, it is important to make sure that the selected piece of furniture perfectly fits into the style of living. Should all be combined: the shape and color, and style. For the living room, made in a modern style, very harmoniously fit glass table on metal chrome legs. Such tables have become very popular in recent times. Glass can be transparent or tinted. These tables are not only original, but also practical, since it is virtually impossible to break. The legs have a glass table, and can be hardwood, but only if it allows the interior. In addition, the table can make a contrast to the room if the room is done in bright colors, the dark table will look very original and easy. Living executed in classic style, suitable massive wooden tables. But it is very important to know that in the classical style has no place contrasts. All furniture should be sure to match the color. For dark color scheme will suit colors like wenge, cherry or walnut. For a bright living room, it is best to choose oak, white or ivory enamel. Classical living room, ideal for a round table on massive carved legs, thick lacquered top, although more lightweight version, it will look bad. If there is a fireplace in the living room, it is very harmonious in it will look with a table top made of marble or stone. Even artificial stones on such tables look very impressive. When choosing, you must make sure that table style combined with style fireplace. For more practicality in the living room very often acquire table-transformer, it can be made ​​of any material, any color, with different mechanisms of increasing the countertop. Most of these tables are opting for small living rooms, in order to save space. Choosing a table for the living room, it is necessary to consider not only the details of the interior, but also the form in the large living room is very elegant look round and oval tables, they perfectly highlight the architectural style of the room.