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Comfortable and attractive to look at the situation is important for any hotel, because stylish design quality - one of the reasons due to which customers leave about it long and pleasant memories. And despite the fact that the improvement of the entire hotel sometimes quite troublesome thing, with the right interior and, of course, good service, all its costs quickly and easily pay off in a short time. E-Shop "Your furniture" can help you quickly find the necessary furniture required for hotel rooms and guest rooms. Here are the chairs, tables, beds, mattresses, as well as other models from manufacturers Matrolyuks, COMPASS and Mebliks. Quality and reliable furniture for hotels undoubtedly your visitors will not leave indifferent. Made of chipboard bed from producer COMPASS especially designed for hotel rooms. It is offered in the color stains under the apple tree, beech, alder and has a bed mattress 800 * 1900.Ortopedichesky "Classic" moderate stringency - the optimum solution for hotel rooms. Filling the mattress and box spring classic Bonnel provide good comfort for those who are staying at your hotel. This mattress from Matrolyuks consists of Euroframe, fleksfaybera, jacquard and Thermo fiber. Various embodiments of the size and height. Our items are offered from Mebelisk medical couch. This handy product of metal and kozhvinil with polyurethane foam filling 195h60h45 see size is perfect for massage and medical offices. If you decide to purchase a durable and comfortable furniture quality manufacturers, models from our catalog will not leave you indifferent. It presents a variety of home furnishings - from chairs to classic mattresses reasonably priced. We have an individual approach to each client, and the price of goods can be discussed depending on the order. Internet-shop "your furniture" offers delivery to all cities of Ukraine, whether Simferopol, Odessa, Kiev, Poltava, Lviv, Luhansk and others. Buy furniture for hotels, you can by contacting the regional divisions of our shop in Kharkov, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, or by ordering directly on the site. Top-notch, comfortable and reliable furniture will bring to your business are few positive reviews from customers.