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​Cabinet case

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Cabinet case

When choosing furniture for a complex layout, interior designers often turn their attention to the cabinet, which provides the convenience of placing in small corners of the room, for which other types of furniture are simply not suitable. This narrow, tall and at the same time deep cabinet in many cases becomes a really perfect solution. In addition, the price of a closet box allows it to perform the function of compact cabinets where you want to create a living atmosphere with constrained material capabilities.

Online store "Your Furniture" invites using this catalog to select and
To buy a case a case in Kharkov with delivery. We carry out delivery both within the city and region, and throughout Ukraine. The catalog contains more than 270 models from such well-known domestic and European manufacturers, as

• Blonski
• BRW Poland
• BRW Ukraine
• Forte
• Gerbor
• Halmar
• Helvetia
• Furniture-Service
• Svit Mebliv
• Sokme

Direct deliveries of cabinet cabinets and other furniture from manufacturers allow us to provide the lowest possible prices for the entire range of products. Ordering from us, you get high-quality and at the same time inexpensive furniture for decorating private or commercial interior.

To buy a case a case cheap in Ukraine

We offer our customers a convenient system of filters, sorting and sampling. Each item card contains a closet photo box, a detailed description, and overall dimensions, so it will be easy for you to determine the model and calculate the installation location in the intended room. This is a versatile type of furniture that has many uses in both small and spacious rooms. Usually it is installed in the corner of the room for the rational use of square meters.

Due to the minimalist design, the price of a cabinet can be as low as several hundred hryvnas, while it will also perfectly equip the interior, providing the necessary space for neat storage. The catalog presents both low-cost and top-end models. Thanks to the convenient sorting system, you can consider different pricing options. And sampling by price range will allow you to set an acceptable cost frame, in which the models that fall into them will be displayed.

To buy a case a case cheap in Ukraine

The catalog of cabinets of cases of the “Your Furniture” online store contains their following subspecies:

• Wardrobes
• Showcases
• Pencils
• Bookcases

Here are the models from single-door to four-door, made in various designs, colors, configurations of traditional furniture materials. You can view the photo of the cabinet box in the item cards, read the description, study the specifications, and also get acquainted with the reviews, if they were left by our customers. Regardless of your choice, you will receive at the same time a roomy and compact solution, selected in accordance with the style of the room.

We invite you to buy a cabinet in Kharkov and efficiently equip your interior with this versatile and practical type of furniture. It can be installed in the kitchen, nursery, bedroom, office and other rooms. There are models for bathrooms with special fittings and moisture-proof housing material. The catalog contains both independent elements and those included in modular collections. You can pick up all the furniture for a room in one style, making harmonious filling of its interior.