​Furniture set for the living room

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Furniture set for the living room

A practical solution for interior design - the furniture in the living room is a multifunctional object that holds several elements, most often represented by cabinets, a cabinet for TV, shop windows, book shelves and pedestals. In this case, the wall in the room belongs to the modern hull models and comes collapsible, which is convenient during transportation. Unlike modular furniture, a living room set is a complete set, so before buying you need to decide on the dimensions, based on the installation site.

Our online store offers to buy a set for the living room in the hall in Kharkov with quick and accurate delivery to any locality in Ukraine. Our catalog contains more than 220 models from such well-known domestic and European manufacturers, as

• BRW Poland
• BRW Ukraine
• Embawood
• Gerbor
• Nicolas
• Furniture-Service
• Svit Mebliv
• Sokme

Thanks to direct deliveries from furniture factories - manufacturers, we offer the lowest possible prices for the entire range of products. A variety of styles of execution, a rich palette of colors, overall dimensions and configuration will allow you to equip the living room exactly as you want. High quality of manufactured products guarantees a long service life and flawless operation.

Buy a set for the living room in Ukraine

Thanks to such a product as a living room set, you can immediately solve many pressing tasks: to furnish the interior, conveniently place objects, video-audio equipment, create a cozy and comfortable environment. Before you buy, you need to decide exactly what elements in the composition of the wall you will need, choose the appropriate style and color scheme. Measure the dimensions of the installation space and make sketches on a piece of paper so that the selected headset fits well into the space of the room.

Thanks to high-quality interior photos, the modern furniture sets presented in the catalog in the hall clearly show how the sets will look. Each product contains a detailed description, specifications, dimensions of the configuration and color options. When choosing, be guided by personal preferences, without forgetting about the design of the room. Properly created living room space will create a comfortable atmosphere for spending free time with the whole family or with guests.

Buy furniture in the hall in Kharkov

In our online store you can not only purchase such an interior item as a furniture set in the room, but also other furniture. So, you can pick up a sofa, armchairs, a soft corner, padded stools, and also other soft furniture. The catalog contains both modern headsets in the hall, and modular kits. Using our convenient filter system, you can easily select products from one or several manufacturers, facade material, width, set a range of reasonable prices.

We invite you to buy a furniture set in the living room in Ukraine, using the unique features of our online store. Ordering furniture from us, you significantly save time and money by getting high quality products from the manufacturer without intermediaries. We regularly hold promotions that further reduce the final cost of the product. In particular, this catalog contains a large number of models that are covered by the action for free delivery.

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