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Comfortable, safe and affordable mattresses.

Thursday, June 19, 2014 4:19 PM
Series mattresses Naturelle Matrolyuks TM is an epitome of the perfect mattress, since combine three main quality which draws the attention of the consumer when buying and choosing a mattress.

1. Comfort

Mattresses series Naturelle not just comfortable mattresses, they are super comfortable. This result was achieved thanks to the latest developments factory Matrolyuks:

- Smart Sping (zonal distribution of load mattress) - designed with the anatomical features of the person. Divides into seven zones mattress support body.

- MultiZone - the secret of this system is that the support area of the cervical and lumbar spine are strengthened, and support zone is unloaded feet. Thus achieves the effect over comfort.

- Oxigen Foam - elastic, oxygenated foam, promotes air circulation and creates the effect of weightlessness

2. Security

Using only natural and environmentally friendly materials combined with innovative designs that take into account all the fine details (air circulation in the mattress and the stabilization system humidity level inside the mattress to take into account all the anatomical features of the person) is converted to a series of mattresses Naturelle in one of the safest mattresses that ever produced in Ukraine.

3. Rate

Today the most popular mattresses are mattresses on the independent spring block, as they provide maximum comfort and orthopedic effect. Until today, the only disadvantage of these mattresses was fairly high price. With the start of the series production of mattresses Naturelle this problem is resolved, and now you have the opportunity to buy not only comfortable and safe mattress, but also inexpensive simultaneously. Rarely anyone from mattress manufacturers managed to achieve such a combination, usually buying a mattress, consumers had to sacrifice one of the qualities.
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