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Bag chair
Those who want to create comfortable conditions for recreation and at the same time a relaxed atmosphere for receiving guests will enjoy such a modern interior element in the form of a bag chair, also called a pear chair, a bag with beans, bin bag or a mattress. Frameless design of such a soft chair allows it to take on various forms and ideally adapt to the anatomical features of people of any build. Products are lightweight, easily transported and transported.
In such a chair you feel as relaxed as possible, therefore we recommend to buy a chair bag and bring an additional element of comfort and relaxed atmosphere into your interior. It will perfectly fit into any interior, and the ability to change the cover will provide additional benefits, adjusting to your mood or time of year.
The popularity of bag chairs is due to the many advantages of such frameless furniture, used with pleasure by both adults and children. Since there are no sharp corners of the product are safe and can be used in children's rooms. Comfortable position of the body is provided by adjusting the filler and changing the shape at any position. In the online store "Your Furniture" you can buy a chair bag cheaply in Kharkov with delivery in the city or to another town in Ukraine.
The price of the chair bag in Ukraine
Before you buy a chair bag, you need to decide on some parameters of its operation: it is bought for adults or a child, a place where it will be placed, how often it will be used. Different bag chair sizes are suitable for use by their specific age groups:
• For children with a backrest height of up to 90 cm and a base width of up to 60 cm
• For teenagers (maximum height - 110 cm, diameter - 80 cm)
• For adults (height up to 1.5 m, diameter up to 1 m)
Fillers in the chairs bags are usually made of polystyrene foam balls of a certain diameter and density. The smaller the diameter of the balls and the higher the density of the balls, the more comfortable it will be to sit or recline in the chair. The filler can also be composite with the addition of synthetic rubber, which increases elasticity and reduces shrinkage under the weight of the person sitting. Over time, of course, shrinkage is inevitable and it is necessary to add polystyrene foam balls periodically once a year or two.
Pick up so that in a chair it was convenient to sit down and get up from it. For a taller person, it is necessary to choose a larger volume of this frameless product. In our online store you can buy a high-quality soft seat bag from the leading Ukrainian manufacturer Matrolyuks.
Buy cheap bag chair in Kharkov
When choosing this interior element, buyers pay attention to the design and its combination with the chosen style. The outer cover of the seats of the bags can have different colors, and the shape to resemble favorite characters, fruits, vegetables and much more. Among the most commonly used materials for the outer cover use such as
The cloth
• Leatherette
• Velor
• Eco-leather
The price of the bean bag in Ukraine, which is quite affordable, depends on the chosen size, filler and cover material. Since such chairs can be placed both in rooms and in open spaces, the choice of material for the outer cover of the upper part determines the practicality of use. For giving or fishing it is better to get chairs, resistant to moisture, with a cover from synthetic fabric. The leather substitute is suitable for rooms with a moderate microclimate. For placement in the nursery the best will be velor covers.
The “Your Furniture” online store invites you not only to buy a soft bag chair by selecting it in this catalog, but also to visit other sections of our website and fully equip your rooms with the necessary furniture. An extensive range will allow you to create the most comfortable atmosphere with a harmonious combination of furniture and the chosen interior style.