Modular furniture BFM

BFM, furniture factory of Bygdoscha, Poland - one of the oldest and famous furniture factories in eastern Europe. It manufactures its products since 1884. The high reputation of the furniture factory BFM punctually confirmed by numerous awards and diplomas. So BFM became the first Polish manufacturer, in 1996 fulfilled the norms for the international standard ISO 9001. Not surprisingly, almost every year from furniture BFM celebrated Polish analogue award "Product of the Year." In Europe and the world bydgoshskaya furniture factory is known primarily as a manufacturer of products using natural veneer, as well as the fact that the manufacturing process uses only hardwoods. Interesting design, based on the trends of European minimalism, thoroughness in the performance parts, all this suggests that the furniture from the factory BFM - an excellent choice for the person who appreciates a combination of high quality at a reasonable price.