Modular system Arras

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Arras - a modern collection of furniture covered with oak veneer in color mocha (D8). Characteristic and unique features of the program are giving to ease glazed sides and asymmetrical lines of elements in all the high and low windows. Flat sides enable to draw together the elements, creating a closed track. Taking into account the functionality of a particular element, you can choose the setting for the dining room, recreation room, study room and office. To illuminate the glass shelves are not used blowout diodes LED and sensor switch placed on the sides of the elements. Boxes on rails quadro work silently, their position can be adjusted vertically. Doors are regulated in three dimensions, with the function of lift doors to the body without the need for unsightly hinges or magnets. All elements of the program - legs with adjustable height, thanks to which you can align elements and ideally make them together. The program is a winner of the contest Arras "Meble Plus" in the category Best Product of the Year.