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Модульные кухни, кухонные гарнитуры

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Modular kitchen, kitchen set

This type of modern furniture, as a modular kitchen, is highly popular due to the limitless possibilities of creating various variations and arrangements of its elements. Regardless of the size of the room, you can create a perfectly functional and practical interior with substantial space savings. Our online store offers to buy ready-made kitchens in Ukraine, both in the form of modular elements, and in the form of complete sets. We offer our customers an extensive range and low prices.

Using our capabilities, you can buy a kitchen in Kharkov with delivery both in the city and region, and in any of the settlements of Ukraine. Our catalog contains products from such leading domestic and European furniture factories as

• Halmar
• Comfort Furniture
• Furniture-Service
• Svit Mebliv
• Sokme

Thus, if you need to buy a kitchen set in Kharkov, you will get the best price offer and the best delivery conditions from us. For residents of the city, many models are provided with a free delivery service; you can also order furniture assembly directly on site at the customer.

Buy modular kitchens in Ukraine

Thanks to direct deliveries from manufacturers, Your Furniture Furniture online store sells kitchen sets in Ukraine at the lowest possible prices. This furniture has a perfectly chosen stylistic solution and involves the installation of a complete set without element-by-element division, as is possible in the case of the choice of modular systems. Each model has high-quality photos in the interior. With us you can buy a kitchen set at a low price and equip your kitchen in the best possible way.

Another type of furniture - modular kitchen means element-by-element selection, based on the selected configuration of the location and the available space allocated for installation in the room. The most common options for the location of kitchen furniture:

• In one or two lines
• G, P or G figuratively.
• Peninsula
• Island

Manufacturers offer many variations in each model, so you can buy modular kitchens in Ukraine from us, choosing not only its constituent elements, but also other parameters: the color scheme of the facade, building, tabletop. Different layouts for different rooms and selected locations are also offered. You will be able to get acquainted with the photo design solutions from the manufacturer in the product card of the selected model.

Buy kitchen in Kharkov

Internet-shop "Your Furniture" sells modular kitchens and kitchen sets in Ukraine with accurate delivery. By placing an order, you will soon have at your disposal beautiful, functional, practical and very high-quality kitchen furniture. If you need to buy a kitchen in Kharkov, ordering its assembly, we will offer the most favorable conditions. It offers professional advice on the choice of furniture, various forms of payment, the possibility of self-delivery from a regional warehouse.

We invite you to buy a kitchen set cheaply, using the unique capabilities of our online store. We are sure that with us you will find just such a set of furniture that you have been looking for. The catalog contains more than 60 models, executed in different styles, designed for both small and large rooms.

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