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​The footwear stand

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The footwear stand

Proper and careful storage of shoes in the hallway - a pledge of its long-term operation while maintaining the perfect appearance. Such an element of furniture as a bedside table for shoes in the hallway fulfills this role and is able to provide an additional level of comfort for the family and their guests. Models are performed both open and closed with different placement of shoes. For small rooms, it is recommended to purchase cabinets with a seating position, which will save living space.

In our online store you can buy a shoe stand presented in a wide range of products. Our catalog offers more than 60 production models of such well-known domestic and European furniture factories as

• BRW Poland
• BRW Ukraine
• Forte
• Gerbor
• Halmar
• Svit Mebliv

Here you will find products of open and closed construction of various configurations, including such products as a shoe stand with a place for convenient re-shoeing. Depending on the chosen style of interior, you can choose a model that fits perfectly into the environment.

Buy a bedside table for shoes in Ukraine

Thus, a bedside table for shoes in the hallway allows you to properly organize its storage and is a necessary element of the interior. In the existing compartments you can distribute shoes for short-term or long-term storage. For this purpose, shelves are provided that are performed in various designs. The surface often plays the role of a tabletop to accommodate various items. Available models with additional compartments for shoe creams, brushes, paddles and other items.

Therefore, to buy a shoe stand means to solve many problems of its proper storage. There are many different projects on the market and at first it is difficult to make the right choice. The most popular stand designs that are currently offered by manufacturers are the following:

• Open
• Closed
• With folding sections

Open allows you to quickly access the shoes, closed shoes hide, which may be due to the style of the interior. Folding sections not only provide convenient access and hide shoes, but also save space well thanks to a special placement device. If you need a cabinet for shoes in Kharkov with the possibility of self-delivery or delivery to any locality of Ukraine, check out our range. Here you will find loyal prices and a rich assortment.

Cabinet for shoes in Kharkov

Such an element of furniture as a shoe cabinet, finds its extensive use in private and commercial interiors. We are sure that he will take his rightful place and add a piece of comfort to the room intended for him. You can add additional necessary elements to the interior of the hall by visiting other sections of our catalog. Here you can buy cabinets, hangers, mirrors, dressers, sofas, soft corners and much more.

You can buy a bedside table for shoes in Ukraine, as well as other furniture items, using the unique features of our online store. Ordering furniture and related products from us, you save your time and money. Many types of products are covered by the free shipping promotion, which further reduces the final cost of the product. Join our social community on Facebook and be the first to know about promotions, getting even more benefits from the purchase.