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Bedside tables

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Bedside tables

It is no secret that the bedside table for the bedroom provides additional comfort, making the sleep area more comfortable. Here you can place items that are good to have on hand. Selection of bedside curbstones is made according to several ergonomic parameters, the main of which is considered to be the placement of the top bollard level with the sleeping place. The principle of proportionality of the width of the bollard is also taken into account, usually it varies from 50 to 100 cm. The depth is chosen so that the bedside has a convenient approach.
Depending on the filling of the bedside table, its design is selected. In some cases, a neat table without a door and drawers will be enough. As a rule, they are chosen by young people and middle-aged people. Older people need to have on hand a large number of things and for them the best will be a bedside table, equipped with closed drawers and shelves. Manufacturers produce several varieties of this type of furniture, namely, bedside tables and shelves, as well as combined furniture.

Buy bedside tables in Ukraine

This type of furniture, like a bedside table for a bedroom, is in high demand and is most often included in the basic set of bedroom sets or included in a modular collection. Each style of the interior makes its own adjustments to the design and appearance of the bedside tables, but it should be noted that it is now fashionable to combine different styles. Thus, the refined and elegant neo-baroque beds complement the tables in futuristic design, or the minimalist bed is complemented with luxurious side tables.
Our online store offers to buy a bedside table in Kharkov with delivery to the address specified by the buyer. For residents of the city there is an opportunity to order the assembly of the product on the spot. Our catalog contains high quality furniture from such famous domestic and European manufacturers as
• Blonski
• Embawood
• Forte
• Gerbor
• Halmar
• ART furniture
• Furniture-Service
• Neomebley and others.
The catalog contains an extensive selection of more than 140 types of bedside tables, so we are sure that you will be able to choose for yourself the best solution for decorating the bedroom interior. Making out the room, do not forget about the harmonious balancing of its living space. This will help such interior elements as wall mirrors, paintings, photographs, as well as properly exposed lighting of the room.

Buy a bedside table in Kharkov

This type of element of the bedroom interior, as a bedside table, is made of traditional materials used for furniture production. In particular, our catalog contains a full range of materials for selection by any criteria that are more suitable for you, namely:
• Chipboard / MDF
• Metal
• In soft upholstery
For selection, you can use a convenient filter system, displaying products of one or several manufacturers, with selection of materials, you can also set a range of reasonable prices, sort by price, popularity and name. Thus, we invite you to buy bedside tables in Ukraine, using the unique features of our online store and the advantages of modern technologies, which allow you to significantly save time and money.