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The mirror is floor

The mirror is floor

Classic interior - the mirror floor in the frame looks spectacular and allows you to see your reflection in full growth. Made as a one-piece, ready-to-install construction, it can easily move to the right place, unlike the wall one, does not require installation and is successfully combined with most of the classic interior styles. As a rule, the floor mirror is made in a frame made of natural wood, laminated chipboard, metal and other traditional furniture materials with a tinted coating.

With us you can buy a floor mirror cheap in Kharkov with delivery in Ukraine. The catalog contains offers from well-known manufacturers: Halmar and VOX. Traditionally, floor mirrors are rectangular in shape and have an aluminum or silver coating of the reflective layer. Silver plating increases the cost of the product, but provides a higher reflectivity and is resistant to environmental influences, which allows them to be installed in spacious bathrooms.

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The style that the floor mirror provides in the frame can be the most diverse and is more determined by the performance of the frame, which plays a decorative and stylistic role. The most popular styles that use floor mirrors are:

• Baroque
• Rococo
• Classic
• English
• Country
• Modern
• Hi-tech / minimalism
• Ethnic
• Ecological

In the Baroque and Rococo styles, the frame is wrought with curvilinear shapes and covered with gilding. Classic and English are distinguished by a wooden frame of fine processing with curly carving and varnished. Country style is a roughly crafted wood frame. The Art Nouveau mirror has an oval shape and is framed by a forged metal frame. High-tech and minimalism styles are distinguished by simple forms of a metal or wooden frame. In the ethnic style of the frame of leather, and in the environment of bamboo or rattan.

As you can see, the floor mirror can successfully place accents and ideally fit into the overall style of the room intended for it. Now it has become fashionable to equip mirrors with LED lighting, which makes it possible to use it without turning on the lights. It is very comfortable in the bedroom. Due to the presence of a rotating mechanism, the mirror can be installed in the required position, visually expanding the space of a large room, but for small rooms it will not work.

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When placing the floor mirror should be borne in mind that it should not fall into direct sunlight and set it at some distance from the radiators. Good air circulation is very important, otherwise peeling of the reflective layer is possible. For washing use special detergents for glass and furniture coatings. In front of the mirror itself should be spacious for the best kind of person looking at himself. If you have small children, it is better to think of a special mount.

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