Mirror in the hallway

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Mirror in the hallway

An obligatory element of the interior - a mirror for the hallway performs many functions in its space. Proper selection of the model will allow you to visually rebuild the room, making it more spacious and bright, which is quite important for hallways in apartments of typical layouts. It is traditionally placed wall vertical mirrors, but you can create your own version, for example, the composition of several elements. The shape and decorative frame depends on the chosen style of decoration.

With this catalog you can easily find and buy a mirror in the hallway in Kharkov, ordering its delivery in Ukraine. We offer high-quality products of domestic and European manufacturers at loyal prices in a wide range. The catalog contains more than 20 types of products made in a frame with a frame and without it in different styles and colors. Large selection of sizes will allow you to choose the ideal option for both small and spacious hallway.

Buy a mirror in the corridor in Ukraine

Internet-shop "Your Furniture" sells beautiful mirrors in the hall of production of such leading domestic and European manufacturers as

• BRW Poland
• BRW Ukraine
• Forte
• Gerbor
• Svit Mebliv

Thanks to direct deliveries from manufacturers, we can provide our customers with the lowest possible prices for the entire range of products. Some models in the catalog are covered by the action for free shipping, which reduces the final price. You will undoubtedly find in us such a mirror for the hallway that you have been looking for. Many products are included in the modular collection, so you can easily equip this room with all the necessary furniture and everything will be done in a uniform harmonious style.

Buy a mirror in the hallway in Kharkov

Undoubtedly, beautiful mirrors in the hallway will not only allow you to inspect yourself, but also bring their own flavor to the common stylistic space. Proper selection will allow you to place the necessary accents, add light and color to the space. The most popular in the hallway are rectangular mirrors, square ones are slightly inferior to them, oval and round forms occupy a worthy place in the rating. In small hallways a wall mirror is placed at a small angle, this allows you to see yourself in full growth.

Aluminum or silver plating is used as a reflective layer or amalgam. The aluminum layer is used in mirrors of small forms, it has a weak reflectivity. The silver layer affects the cost of the product, but provides greater reflectivity, which is essential for large mirrors. Framing is made of chipboard, MDF, wood, plastic or metal. LED mirrors give more effect to the mirrors, which is important for low-lit hallways.

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