​Double beds

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Double beds

Undoubtedly, a double bed - a key element in the arrangement of the bedroom of a married couple. The whole environment is formed around it, creating an ideal place for the privacy of parents and recuperation after day cares. Each double bed reflects the worldview that unites a married couple, and embodies the essence of the general views on this piece of furniture. Manufacturers do not disregard such a demanded element of the interior, offering options for every taste and budget.

Internet-shop "Your Furniture" invites you to buy a double bed with a mattress in Kharkov on the most favorable conditions at a loyal price, and for most models with free targeted delivery in Ukraine. We can also offer Kharkiv residents an on-site assembly, which is free for many models. Our catalog contains more than 370 models from 25 domestic and European manufacturers. Such a rich assortment makes it easy to choose a bed that will decorate the interior of your bedroom.

Double beds in Ukraine

In the manufacture of double beds using traditional materials: chipboard, natural wood and metal. From the material, upholstery and additional features depends on the price of a double bed, which is in the conditions of serious competition in the loyal limits. The minimum prices are from two thousand hryvnias and above, top models can cost up to several tens of thousands of hryvnias. Using a convenient system of choice and filters, you can easily determine the choice in the price segment.

Every year, furniture factories update their range, not deprived of attention and
double bed, whose model range, configurations and functionality are constantly being improved. Round shaped models with a canopy, with a lifting mechanism, shelves, drawers, a soft headboard, etc. have appeared on the market. Almost all models can be varied in choosing the width of the bed, the color of the material, the type of upholstery. There are models with the possibility of individual selection of equipment.

Buy a double bed with a mattress in Kharkov

In our catalog you will also find double beds that are part of the same type of furniture. In this way, you can create a harmonious interior by purchasing bedside tables, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, a dressing table, and other items together with a bed. Regardless of your choice, the price of a double bed is within loyal limits and weighed against offers from other specialty stores.

Since the double beds in Ukraine are rather widely represented and the assortment of any reputable online store is striking in its scale, we closely monitor trends, offering our customers only the best and most demanded. We work with well-proven Ukrainian and European manufacturers with a reputation as reliable partners. Buying furniture from us, you save time and money by getting products of the highest quality at loyal prices.

We invite you to buy a double bed in our online store and bring even more comfort and coziness to the interior of your bedroom. At the same time, special conditions for free delivery and assembly will help you to save significantly, having received additional benefits.