​Slats for bed

Slats for bed

An important role in ensuring the orthopedic properties of the bed is played by its constituent elements, such as lamellae. They represent a frame on a metal base, in which springy wooden plates are installed. The lamellas themselves enhance the orthopedic effect of the mattress and provide a reduction in the load on it. You can purchase a metal bed frame in Ukraine in the form of a constituent element or as a finished product, to which you just need to add a mattress for a full bed.

Specialized online store "Your Furniture" offers to buy slats for the bed in Kharkov at a low price with fast and free shipping at the agreed upon with the buyer address. This is a fairly popular product that is in steady demand. Since many manufacturers have in their assortment bed frames without a complete set of slats, this section will allow you to complement such products with high-quality orthopedic elements for a healthy and full sleep.

Bed frame with slats

If you need to buy a bed frame, we suggest using a unique offer from our online store. Here you will find loyal prices, the possibility of free delivery, the service of assembling furniture on site at the customer for residents of Kharkov. Choosing slats for the bed, you need to know about the features inherent in this type of product. The lamella constructions can be single, one-and-a-half and double, and, besides the traditional execution of the metal framework, it can be wooden.

Spring plates may have different degrees of stiffness, the choice of which is individual for people with different weights. They are made of beech, pine and birch. So, beech slats are distinguished by durability and elasticity, which is ideal for people with a lot of weight. Products made of pine and birch have a lower cost, but their characteristics are suitable only for people with low weight. The spring plates are fixed to the frame with the help of the holder-tip or inserted into the grooves of the metal frame.

Also for those who are looking for a metal bed frame in Ukraine, it will be interesting to know about adjustable stiffness lamellae and transformer lamellae. These modern types of spring plates allow you to adjust the stiffness and select the optimal configuration for a comfortable position during sleep.

Thus, before you buy a bed frame, you need to decide on such parameters:

• Overall frame size;
• Straight or orthopedic curved slats;
• Material manufacturing slats.

All this will allow you to get the desired option for a good rest and healthy sleep. In addition, spring plates will significantly prolong the life of the orthopedic mattress.

Buy slats for beds in Kharkov

Our online store will offer you to choose a frame for a bed with slats according to orthopedic recommendations, as well as coordinating it with the selected product, if you intend to insert it into another frame: double, one and a half, or single. Thus, you get a quality product that will reduce the load on the spine, improve blood circulation, create a beneficial effect on health in general.