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Bed with a hoist

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Beds with lifting mechanism

Due to its practicality, such a piece of interior as a lifting bed has won deserved popularity among buyers. The design of the bed itself provides for additional storage space. It is very convenient and thus replaces two elements at once: the bed itself and storage boxes. A convenient mechanism allows you to easily lift the bed and extract the contents of the under-bed space. Here you can store bedding, toys and more.

Undoubtedly, a single bed with a lifting mechanism is a real find for small apartments, in which every meter of living space is a luxury. Manufacturers offer a variety of designs of these products. There are models horizontal (rise above the body) and vertical (recline up). The second option is the most economical in terms of increasing living space. This adds new functionality, since such models may contain, for example, shelves or a table.

Single bed with lifting mechanism

Beds themselves, equipped with a mechanism for raising the bed, differ in its appearance. In particular, it may be:

• Loopback mechanism
• Spring mechanism
• Mechanism with gas shock absorbers

Traditionally, each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. So the loopback mechanism is not intended for intensive use, that is, to store frequently used items and objects in the pallet is not provided. This is a good economical option for infrequent extraction and storage of temporarily unused items, but not for bed linen.

If you need to buy a double bed with a lifting mechanism in Ukraine, which has sufficient wear resistance for daily raising-lowering, pay attention to the spring mechanism or equipped with gas shock absorbers. Naturally, you have to pay more for convenience and comfort than choosing an economical option, but this affects the operation process, which lasts longer, and also easy replacement of springs or a gas shock absorber.

Regardless of whether you buy a bed with a lifting mechanism in Kharkov or another city in the country, you get an excellent solution that has an enviable practicality of use. In particular, our online store offers the best solutions from well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers:

• BRW Ukraine
• Embawood
• Halmar
• Illini
• Novelty
• Sofyno
• Woodsoft
• and others.

Bed with a lifting mechanism in Kharkov

Summarizing the use of this type of products, we can say that the lifting bed has a solid construction, is convenient and easy to use, significantly saves square meters, allowing you to store things in a spacious under-bed box. Having added an orthopedic mattress to the bed, you will get an ideal sleeping place for healthy sleep and good rest. Note that the frame and frame can be made of wood, metal, chipboard, each type has its advantages in durability or at a lower cost.

We offer you to buy a double bed with a lifting mechanism in Ukraine, using all the capabilities of the online store "Your Furniture". At us you will find the widest range of products for your interior at more than loyal prices. We provide a whole range of related services, accurately and quickly deliver the order to the place you specified, free delivery is applied to the majority of goods. You can also order an assembly on site by our specialist.

We invite you to get acquainted with the proposed range and create an indescribable atmosphere of comfort in your home or apartment.​