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Bed with a hoist

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In our online - shop you can buy a bed with podmnym mechanism of wood and other materials.

Recently, more and more popularity among buyers get a bed with a lifting mechanism, and it - absolutely deserved. Putting ordinary bed, a place for days becomes dust and waste bins, there all the time something is thrown, rolled and inexplicably misses, and then when you try to get it all, you get a shock from the amount of dust present, "hath not clear where . "All this can be avoided by choosing a bed with a lifting mechanism. Instead we get a roomy drawers for clothes that are under the bed. These beds are equipped with several types of lifting devices are attached to the bed side drawer sides and season the ground or to the frame of the mattress (if any). Cheaper mechanism is made on the basis of two steel springs and metal frame, more expensive and more reliable to use - gas lift. If you wish to buy a bed with hoist, we recommend you opt for wooden beds. Linkage during operation carries a load with lamellar base mattress (or mattress frame) and thus transfers the load on the attachment mechanism to the base of the bed. So if Linkage set on a bed of chipboard, the use of a lifting mechanism need light to a minimum so as not to break the attachment.