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Bed in fabric and leather

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For fans of all refined and elegant, Shop "Your Furniture" presents a unique model Beds made ​​in the decoration of precious fabrics and leather.
Rich assortment of our store and bewitching amount we submitted furniture factories in Europe and Ukraine, will allow to choose and buy a leather bed even the most demanding customer. Presented in the online store in the bed tissue and skin have not only amazing and breathtaking design, they are also surprisingly practical and comfortable. Even inexpensive bed, furniture factory production "Triumph" has Linkage and mattress in its configuration. Bed frame "Camellia", despite the low cost of the product, and has a relief obstrochku enought tightening handmade, that allows you to experience the extraordinary comfort and softness. Lovers of all extraordinary find in our online store round beds, which are rapidly gaining popularity due to its unique shape. Many will have to taste novelty - a round bed «Michel», which has not only a very attractive price, but the original design. If you want to feel like a pearl - this model is for you.