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Beds from chipboard

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For those looking for a bed made ​​of particleboard, which provide excellent quality and have an affordable price, online store, "Your Furniture" can offer a bed of chipboard in various designs and designs. If you need a simple single or double bed, we can offer very high quality bed made ​​of laminated chipboard Polish company «BRW», as well as products of Ukrainian producers Condor, Furniture Service, and Svet Gerbor meblіv. Many inexpensive bed made ​​of particleboard, despite the low price, equipped with lamellar contribution and roomy drawers for linen. Also some affordable models have included quality mattress. In middle and high price category represented a bed of well-known Azeri chipboard furniture factory «Embawood» and factories from Zaporozhye "Triumph". Factory «Embawood» used in the production of its high-quality beds chipboard made ​​in Germany, as well as HDF - thinner MDF.
Products furniture factory "Triumph" are upholstered furniture, so come in soft forms and a complete set of: Laundry compartment, louvre contribution and mattress. Factory model characterized by high security as upholstered with polyurethane applications.