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Children's mattresses

Children's mattresses

Correct posture - a pledge of children's health, the foundations of which are laid at an early age. One of the components of creating a correct posture in a child is a children's orthopedic mattress, selected according to the recommendations of the orthopedic surgeon. So, for babies and children up to 3 years mattress of coconut coir is suitable. Its key features: environmental friendliness and optimal stiffness in relation to the formed children's spine. Therefore, a mattress on a children's bed made of coconut coir is the best option.

Children from 3 to 12 years old are recommended to sleep on springless mattresses, since spring oscillations negatively affect the formation of the children's spine. Also, children need to choose a natural filler that does not cause allergies. In our online store you can buy a children's mattress produced by such well-known and well-established brands like

• Halmar
• Herbalis Kids
• Viva
• Matrolux

The catalog contains both traditional rectangular mattresses and round and other non-standard mattresses. In addition, you can simultaneously pick up a mattress pad here. Each proposed children's orthopedic mattress has a detailed photo, including a three-dimensional model depicting the internal content and structure of the mattress with a description of its components. On popular products, we often hold promotions and you can buy them with a good discount.

To buy a mattress for children in Ukraine

It is very profitable to buy at Your Furniture online store, because we support loyal prices and offer an additional service that influences the final cost. You can buy a mattress in a crib in Kharkov at an affordable cost with fast delivery to the specified address. Our storage facilities are located in Kharkov and it is more profitable to buy from our residents. A wide range, a wide range of sizes, detailed information, low prices - all this is at the service of our customers.

The catalog contains a convenient system of filters and sorting. So you can choose a mattress for a children's bed, ticking one or more of your preferred brands, to sort by price and rating. Prices start from a few hundred hryvnia for available models and up to several thousand for products of the top range. Regardless of your choice, you get a high-quality children's mattress that will serve more than one generation and allow you to maintain and maintain a healthy spine for your child.

To buy a mattress in a crib in Kharkov

Our online store specializes in the sale of high-quality furniture of Ukrainian and European production, as well as related products, which include mattresses for baby beds. You can easily choose and buy a children's mattress of the size you need. So our model range includes sizes from 60 x 120 for babies' beds, up to 120 x 200 for teenage beds. We also have a proposal for the manufacture of a children's mattress of irregular shape under the order from the manufacturer Matrolux.

It is no secret that buying a children's mattress in Ukraine via the Internet is much cheaper than in furniture showrooms. The cost will be at least 10-15% less, you also do not need to spend time searching and immediately get all the necessary information. Delivery is made directly from the regional warehouse in Kharkov, quickly and accurately within a specified period. Join our Facebook page to stay informed and get even more benefits from the purchase.