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Springless mattress

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Springless mattress

This kind of mattress, as springless, is a great solution for many uses. In particular, it can perform functions such as

• Spare berth
• As primary for bed
• Supplement for sofa
• As a floor bed

If you need to organize a spare bed, springless mattress will be, by the way, impossible. Place relatives and guests who stay overnight, and other typical situations are solvable with its use. At the same time, prices for springless mattresses in this category are more than acceptable. These are modest and uncomplicated models, most of which can be twisted into a roll. They do not take up much storage space and will always be able to solve the problems of organizing a spare berth.

Models of springless mattresses vary in their rigidity. It is determined by the fillers that form its layers. The number of layers can be up to six or more. The larger and more diverse the combination, the more comfortable the mattress will be for the back. For children, recommended springless mattresses filled with natural coconut fiber. Layers of mattresses are made of it and for adults in order to strengthen orthopedic properties. The mattresses of coconut fiber are strong and durable.

Buy springless orthopedic mattress in Ukraine

We have an extensive selection of springless mattresses, including children's and thin. As one of the options for extra bed, which will be used often, but should not take up space in the daytime, will be the use of a high model with a large number of layers. At night, it is placed on the floor, and during the day it is placed vertically or on a bed. We offer to buy a springless mattress in Kharkov to solve many problems of organizing an additional self-sufficient berth.

If you need a mattress on the sofa, choose a thin model with a height of 3-9 cm. To use it, you need to fasten the product with the help of special elastic tapes that prevent slipping. We sell springless mattresses with delivery throughout Ukraine. You can choose the required dimensions, stiffness, fillers, color and other parameters. Each product card contains a photo of the product and a three-dimensional model of visualization of its internal content, which will allow to consider all the layers included in it.

Buy springless mattress in Kharkov

The online store "Your Furniture" sells high-quality products from famous Ukrainian and European brands. This section presents springless mattresses from such brands as

• Doctor Health
• Evolution
• Halmar
• Sleep & Fly Mini
• Take & Go
• Take & Go bamboo
• Matrolux

With high quality products, prices for springless mattresses in our online store are loyal and significantly less than in conventional furniture stores. Direct deliveries from manufacturers, the availability of storage facilities in Kharkov gives our customers, especially residents of this city, significant advantages. On many models, we offer good discounts. Delivery is carried out quickly and accurately to any location in the country. You can easily choose the mattress you need stiffness and content.

Our catalog contains more than 70 springless mattress models, with each product being offered in different sizes. It offers customers a convenient system of filters and sorting. You can buy a springless orthopedic mattress in Ukraine at the lowest price by choosing sorting in ascending order or see the price segment of top models, by sorting by decrease in price. You can also select one or more manufacturers, size, type and price range.

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