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Mattress with independent springs

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Mattress with independent springs

Independent springs are the most important component of the anatomical mattress. By purchasing a mattress with an independent spring unit, you get the most adapted product for the spine, able to most effectively distribute the load. The internal structure of this type of mattress has a key feature. Here, each spring is packaged in a separate case, being independent according to the incorporated design feature. And already it covers connect with each other.

Deflections will be only in the necessary places and as a result - a more precise adjustment to the body of a sleeping person. The notorious "hammock effect" inherent in low-cost structures is absent here, and their price justifies itself with the quality of the characteristics of use. Thus, to buy a mattress with independent springs in Kharkov is to get a product with excellent orthopedic properties. At the same time you get a completely silent mattress, as there is no friction between its constituent elements.

Mattress with independent springs in Ukraine

In our online store you can easily choose and buy an orthopedic mattress with independent springs produced by such well-known domestic and European brands as:

• Matrolux
• Evolution
• Sleep & Fly
• Sleep & Fly Fitness
• Sleep & Fly Organic

A convenient system of choice will allow you to get the product according to your requirements and orthopedic recommendations. Cards of goods contain not only high-quality photos, but also three-dimensional models of the type of product in the section. Here you can clearly see the difference of independent springs in shape, type, diameter of a coil. In addition, a mattress with an independent spring block has different layers, which give its surface the required properties: rigidity, softness or surface elasticity.

To buy a mattress with independent springs in Kharkov

The catalog contains more than 70 products, each of which can be selected according to the size of the bed. Most mattresses are subject to a discount on the promotion. Therefore, right now you will be able to buy an orthopedic mattress with independent springs at a bargain price, with quick and accurate delivery to the specified address. For a more convenient choice, you can specify the display of one or several types, such as

• Independent spring unit
• Custom-made mattresses
• Frame mattresses.

For the convenience of our customers, the system of filters by size and sorting by price, name and rating. The most affordable products start at a price range of a couple of thousand hryvnias. Top models have a cost of more than eight thousand hryvnia. To help customers a detailed description of each product with the characteristics, properties and features. Therefore, you can easily make a choice and in the near future get comfortable and healthy sleep on a new orthopedic mattress.

By purchasing a mattress with independent springs in Ukraine, you get the most progressive product in terms of uniform and proper load distribution with the required characteristics. We invite you to join our group on Facebook and get even more benefits from the purchase. You will be the first to know about our promotions, you can take part in contests and sweepstakes. We also invite you to visit other sections of the catalog and fully equip your home with necessary furniture.