​Orthopedic mattresses

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Orthopedic mattresses

Nowadays, more and more people prefer orthopedic mattresses as they are able to really ensure the correct position of the spine during a night's rest and to properly distribute the load on it. You can buy orthopedic mattresses in the online store "Your Furniture", presented in the following categories:

• Bonon
• Independent spring unit
• Springless
• Baby
• Custom form
• For increased loads
• Frame
• Thin

Regardless of whether you need an orthopedic double mattress, one and a half, or a single one, a wide choice of sizes, configurations, stiffness and fillings makes it easy to choose the right product. Each type of mattress has its own purpose and is recommended for use by certain types of people, depending on age and constitution. In turn, a thin orthopedic mattress changes the characteristics of the bed and is used in addition to the main one.

Buy orthopedic mattress in Kharkov

By design, mattresses are divided into spring and springless. Spring mattresses are available with dependent and independent springs. The first are interconnected, and the second are separated from each other. The design, filler, stiffness and other parameters affect the prices of orthopedic mattresses in Ukraine, so you need to carefully consider the choice of the best option both in terms of parameters and cost. The most convenient are models with spring blocks or independent springs.

You can buy orthopedic mattresses in the online store "Your Furniture" on the most favorable terms, with a discount on most models, as well as fast delivery to the address you specify. We have a wide range of products from such famous brands as

• Doctor Health
• Evolution
• Herbalis Kids
• Sleep & Fly
• Sleep & Fly Fitness
• Sleep & Fly Organic
• Take & Go
• Take & Go bamboo
• Matrolux

We have both spring and springless mattress designs. The catalog contains more than 140 models, differing in type and overall dimensions. You can choose an orthopedic double mattress either single and a half or single using a convenient system of filters and samples. The cost of models of the lower price category starts from a thousand hryvnia, top models have a cost of more than ten thousand hryvnia. You can also pick up products for specific manufacturers, type and size.

Buy orthopedic mattress in Ukraine

The online store “Your Furniture” offers the best conditions and prices for orthopedic mattresses in Ukraine, which you can order from us right now without delay. Picking up this product correctly, you will ensure a full restoring sleep, besides, you will get rid of insomnia, back pain, as well as allergies if you have these diseases. If you need to change the characteristics of the bed, this will help a thin orthopedic mattress, adding to its properties basic.

We are confident that the acquisition will be an excellent investment for your health and the health of your family. We recommend to get acquainted with the proposals of our catalog, read reviews and recommendations in order to make the right informed choice of a much-needed element for a bed or frame.