Mattress bonnel

Mattress bonnel

Classics of furniture production - the mattress spring block bonnel has been used in the furniture industry for more than 100 years. It has a democratic price and has many significant advantages. Do not confuse bonnel with conventional spring mattresses with their inherent subsidence during operation. Here, a completely different technology is used in production and mattresses for bonnel are in good demand, not inferior to more modern varieties of products in this segment.

In this category of our catalog are the following types of mattresses, in the technology of which the bonnel spring block is used:

• Mattresses of standard shape
• Children's mattresses
• Custom-made mattresses
• For increased loads
• Frame mattresses
• Thin mattresses

In total, more than 30 models are represented in the category, and in each of them you will be able to choose the required size. Cards of goods contain a high-quality photo of the product, a three-dimensional model of visualization of the sectional view, a detailed description and characteristics. Therefore, if you need to buy a mattress bonnel in Kharkov, the online store “Your Furniture” will offer you the most loyal prices in a wide range of the model range, as well as provide fast and accurate delivery to the specified address.

Bonnel mattress in Ukraine

Undoubtedly, the mattress spring block bonnel occupies a significant share of related products of the furniture market and manufacturers are paying particular attention to this area. The Ukrainian consumer is offered a large selection of products in this category, as a response to increased demand, and for good reason. The similar construction of mattresses belongs to the category of dependent spring units. That is, all elements are reliably interconnected.

The bonnel system, in addition, implies a special method of fastening the springs, in which the radius of the turns has increasing and decreasing ratios. So, in the center they are more narrowed, and widened along the edges, which forms a kind of “waist”. This method allows to obtain the effect of uniform distribution of the load, while maintaining the correct position of the human body during sleep. It is also worth noting that the bonnel system used high-grade steel from which the springs are made.

Buy mattress Bonnel in Kharkov

Anyone who appreciates the classic tradition and is a supporter of reliable products that have a long service life, the online store "Your Furniture" offers to purchase bonnel mattress in Ukraine at affordable prices with delivery. Among the significant advantages of the bonnel unit, it is necessary to note the high level of reliability and the ability to withstand heavy loads. So, for people weighing more than one hundred kilograms, this mattress manufacturing technology will fully ensure the confident use of the orthopedic qualities of the product.

With the pressure of the weight on the spring, it performs the reaction and evenly distributes it within the whole block. This effect of load distribution is called "progressive elasticity." Metal frame gives stability, the springs do not swing sideways and do not move. It is necessary to take into account the absence of friction and creaking in mattresses on spring blocks bonnel, and their service life is more than 15 years. Additional layers serve as softeners and change the properties of the product, for example, increase the rigidity.

Summing up, it must be said that the mattresses on the spring block bonnel can withstand increased loads for a long time, retain elasticity, have an orthopedic effect, affordable cost, provide moisture and air exchange.